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    Our ROM products treat a large range of indications,  including burns, soft tissue injuries, fractures, crush injuries, and even complicated hand transplant surgeries. We work with many of the most prestigious orthopedic surgery centers in the country to help them achieve a positive outcome. Lantz Medical's team of representatives work with surgeons and therapists to provide the highest quality products, combined with years of experience in service to our customers and patients.

    Lantz Medical began with a focus to innovate our industry. It all started with our Vector1 Hand CPM, and we've continued to innovate with our Stat-A-Dyne™ ROM splints. Products developed through first-hand experience with patients and clinicians allow us to assist in bringing the best outcomes to all those we serve.

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  • Stat-A-Dyne™ splints are specially designed to address ROM limitations with both the patient and clinician in mind. Easy to put on, and extremely adjustable, every design detail in our products comes from years of first-hand experience treating patients.

    There are three different options available for patients needing a splint. Stat-A-Dyne™ Dynamic is a dynamic only splint for patients with mild to moderate end-feel contractures. Stat-A-Dyne™ Static-Progressive is a static-progressive only splint for patients with moderate to hard end-feel contractures. Our traditional, dual function Stat-A-Dyne™, combines both static-progressive and dynamic stretch for those patients who might benefit from both types of therapy. Insurance coverage guidelines and physician's orders should always be taken into consideration when deciding which splint to order for your patient. 

    ​When requesting a splint, please let your representative know which splint your patient will need.

    • Dynamic
    • Static-Progressive
    • Dual Function

    *Insurance Medical Policies many times dictate the modality used. Lantz Medical will help you determine which type of splint is covered by your patient's insurance when verifying benefits.

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  • James W Strickland, MD

    Best hand splint and dynamic and static upper extremity mobilizing orthotics available! Extremely creative and anatomically correct splints with excellent engineering and biomechanics. Superb sales staff with excellent advice for difficult hand and upper extremity conditions. Genuine compassion for patient care and willingness to make billing adjustments compatible with individual patients unique needs. A great company with the best available protective and large and small joint mobiliizing technologies.

    James W Strickland, MD

    Rob Abney, OTR/L, CHT

    The Stat-A-Dyne ROM device is a much needed treatment option to improve hand and wrist ROM. My first exposure to the device was for a patient with a severe wrist fracture that required volar and dorsal plating. Needless to say he had significant ROM deficits at wrist and digits. The Stat-A-Dyne was the only device available to provide prolonged stretch to wrist and digits simultaneously. The device makes followthrough very easy thanks to the easy-to-use adjustment knobs.

    Rob Abney, OTR/L, CHT

    K. Kamau (patient)

    The Vector1 has decreased my swelling and increased my functionality. I used this product in the past when I first had the injury, and the hand machine helped me get back to work. 10 years later, I'm using it again, and already I can see how it's helping to speed the healing process and make my therapy easier.

    K. Kamau (patient)

    D. Jones (patient)

    When my fingers feel stiff and sore, I know it's time to put my Vector1 on. It provides excercise without much pain of stretching. The full range of motion really feels good. It decreases stiffness and pain, and provides just enough stimulation to feel relaxing.

    D. Jones (patient)

    S. Hoffman (patient)

    The WHFO and Pro/Sup made me move my arm further without pain. That’s what I like best is they don’t make you hurt.Getting results without the pain of stretching, they’re easy to use and easy to put on.

    S. Hoffman (patient)

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