Ashleigh Metzler, Patient

Ashleigh Metzler, Patient - Image

On December 3, 2019, my piano bench collapsed from underneath me, resulting in a broken elbow on my dominant right arm in two places. I did not require surgery, but I immediately had to start physical therapy three times a week to keep the elbow from freezing. It was exhausting and painful, especially since I am a mother to three young children, one being an infant who I was breastfeeding multiple times a day. About eight weeks into therapy, I noticed that I was suddenly loosing complete pronation in my arm. I could no longer flip my hand from palm up to palm down. I went from a perfect 90 degree pronation to about 20 degrees. My hand was stuck, and all of my friends said I now had a “Barbie hand” – frozen! After a few more weeks of therapy, my pronation was not improving, so my therapist sent me back to my orthopedic doctor who told me I could either have surgery, or I could try a pronation device that would help to increase my pronation. Being that I was still breastfeeding and had three young children at home, I took my chances with the arm machine. I will never forget the day I met with Alma from Lantz Medical. She met me at my therapy appointment and got me completely fitted for the device. Honestly, I had no idea how I was supposed to make time to wear it, especially since it required me to be sitting at 90 degrees for three hours a day. Alma graciously told me it would take grit and determination to use the device properly. What I put into it, is what I would get out it. After two weeks, I noticed a huge difference. After five weeks, I could finally brush my hair, open my children’s sippy cups, stir while I was cooking for my beautiful family, and drive my cute mini van! It was working! At my last doctor appointment, he told me he was so surprised that it worked for me because most patients do not want to take the time and effort to wear the device how it needs to be worn. He totally thought I was going to give up and need surgery. My pronation went from 20 degrees to 82 degrees and my doctor released me from my “miracle arm device!” Without this device, my arm would have never returned to normal and my life would be drastically different right now. I can finally pick up my baby and snuggle her normally! I am so grateful for Lantz Medical, and for my doctor for prescribing the device. Thank you will never be enough! One day, when my children are older, I would love to work for them and help spread the word of my miracle device! A machine that changed my life!