• DYNAMIC PIP flexion and extension

  • Lantz Medical's dynamic PIP flexion and extension splint is a dynamic only splint indicated to address contractures at the PIP. The extension version is able to treat flexion contractures up to 65°, allowing the device to be used much sooner in a patient's rehabilitation than other splinting options. Adjustable Tension, Length and Circumference ensures a comfortable stretch throughout the patient's arc of motion, and accommodates even difficult to treat small fingers. 



    • Tension adjustable. Bilateral tensioning system provides biomechanical stretch.
    • Length adjustable. Adjusts to accommodate any digit.
    • Circumferentially adjustable. Suitable for use even when treating an edematous digit.
    • Provides faster ROM recovery when applied early in patient's rehabilitation.
    • Easy and convenient application encourages patient compliance.

    Our Dynamic PIP splint is used to address stiffness in either PIP flexion or extension. The PIP is commonly used to treat the below indications.

    • IP Capsular Stiffness
    • Tendon Stiffness
    • Dislocations
    • Fractures
    • Lacerations / Tendon Repairs
    • Crush Injuries
  • Dynamic PIP informational video and fitting instructions

  • Dynamic PIP Flexion fitting instructions