Can I pay my bill online?

Yes! Go to our homepage, click on the “For Patients” button. There is a link to our payment portal at the top of that page.

How long does it take to get a Stat-A-Dyne splint?

Lantz Medical’s goal is to have a device to our patients within one business week of receiving an order. Of course, there are many variables to consider. Lantz Medical will always verify insurance benefits up front, and acquire prior authorizations when necessary. Any delays that might occur because of insurance approvals are out of our control, but can sometimes be expedited by patient involvement in contacting the insurance provider. To ensure that Lantz Medical can quickly process an order, the below information should be sent to our corporate office.
1. Physician order
2. Patient insurance and demographic information
3. Clinical notes (while not always necessary, this allows us to immediately request authorization when appropriate)
4. Measurements

Does insurance cover a Stat-A-Dyne splint?

Stat-A-Dyne splints are covered by most insurances, including Medicare and many medicaid plans. Lantz Medical has worked hard on acquiring contracts with insurance companies and forming relationships with billing partners across the country. Our rental model allows for low cost options and limits the need for prior authorizations with many insurances.

Does insurance cover your Vector1 Hand CPM?

Work comp, many medicaid plans, and private insurance generally do pay for our hand CPM. Unfortunately, Medicare does not pay for hand CPM, or any CPM other than the knee. It is important to know that many private insurances require the device to be placed within 48 hours of a surgical procedure. Sending us an order prior to surgery will help ensure the best possible insurance coverage for your patients.

Are there self pay options?

Yes, Lantz Medical offers self pay options for patients without insurance, or for those patients whose insurance will not cover one of our products. Please contact customer service for our self pay rates.