Our Story

Our Founders’ Story

Long before money became such an important measure of one’s success, a person’s integrity, character and honest hard work spoke volumes about their value. Long before Lantz Medical was founded on the principle of returning to those values, there was a man named Louis B. Lantz.

Louis B. Lantz was an extraordinary man. An extraordinary man who happened to be a farmer educated only until the eighth grade. Louis developed an honest work ethic from a very early age helping his father support their family. At the age of fourteen he labored alongside his father in a limestone quarry near Bedford, Indiana. As a young man, that strength of character enabled him to convince the bank to loan him money to buy a farm near Monticello, Indiana during the great depression. Louis B. Lantz became an inspiration to everyone who knew him. He was a God fearing man that lived his life reaching out to people with a kind smile, words of encouragement or, if necessary, the shirt off of his own back. Louis B. Lantz also reached out his hand and his heart to me as a young boy growing up in Monticello. He would take me to the Father and son Banquets at the old Guernsey Church to sit and fellowship with men of integrity and character. He would stop me and talk to me as I walked by his house in the country, and he would take me to an amusement park yearly. He bestowed in me a sense of community, as did my own family, where folks reached out a helping hand and stood firmly on their word.

He was a father to three children, Ruth, Bob, and Frankie and a husband to his wife Jessie for over 65 years. He endured the loss of one of his sons, Frankie, at the young age of six to a horseback riding accident. Over the years he and Jessie opened their home to several foster children and two foreign exchange students. When his wife, Jessie, was stricken with Parkinson’s disease, Louis never left her side. She had been a Sunday school teacher for 30 years and exemplified his attributes in her own work. He cared for her daily during her struggle with the illness, and when she died, Louis didn’t live another year.

Louis B. Lantz was an extraordinary man who started with nothing, raised a family, lost a son, cared for an ailing wife, ran a business, and touched the heart of a young boy with his kindness. As a man, I realized the important life lessons I had learned knowing Louis and those who shared the same values like my own family and many other families in our small community. Values that I found missing on my journey through Corporate America.

What has happened to the integrity and the sense of helping one another personified by the men and women of Monticello and Louis B. Lantz? And what has become of Corporate America that it has so callously stripped away these values from this current generation?

It wasn’t long after growing up working on the family farm and graduating from college that I began to realize how otherwise decent people were manipulated and controlled by a system of shrinking core values for the sake of making a buck. I’ve seen others, including myself, get trampled by Corporate America’s greed to make more money by stepping over those individuals who helped them get where they wanted to be. Unfortunately, only a hand full of individuals stand up for what they believe in to the point of losing their jobs. I want something better for those who work hard for a company.

Louis B. Lantz was a businessman who wore overalls to work, kept ledgers, filed reports, worked with his hands and possessed a strong work ethic, character and above all, integrity. I want to develop a business that reflects those values with a commitment to build a business that protects the individuals who join us.

Growing up in the presence of Louis B. Lantz instilled a set of values that Lantz Medical was founded to practice. Going forward, our word is our reputation and the philosophy of Lantz Medical directly reflects the personification of integrity, reliability, and service.

The future of Lantz Medical depends on the caliber of that reputation. We’ll guard it with a willingness to listen carefully to the needs of our customers. We’ll respond quickly and thoughtfully, seeking input from all involved to resolve issues satisfactorily. We will strive to be on the cutting edge of technology and to provide our customers and representatives with the best products that the industry has to offer. We will expect hard work, but we will also expect balance in our lives.

We’re Lantz Medical and we look forward to developing lasting relationships with our customers and representatives.

Ted Brown and Perry Mervar, Founders