Stat-A-Dyne™ Elbow


Core Technologies

  • Three modalities for tissue elongation (static progressive, dynamic, and dual function)
  • Bi-directional hinge allows both flexion and extension in a single device
  • Circular hinge for terminal range of motion
  • Light-weight and rigid aircraft aluminum maintains anatomical alignment

Feature Benefit

  • Elbow ROM from -45° hyperextension to 150° flexion
  • Counterforce bracket provides 3-point lever arm
  • Off the shelf and custom cuff for maximum soft tissue capture
  • Proximal cuff opens for terminal elbow flexion
  • Forearm cuff crosses wrist joint to prevent point loading
  • Adjustable L-bracket maximizes patient comfort
  • Adjustable carrying angle


  • Fracture & Dislocation
  • ORIF
  • Crush Injury
  • Radial Head Fracture
  • Joint Arthroplasty
  • Tendon & Ligament Repair
  • Burn
  • Closed Manipulation
  • Other Orthopedic and Neurological Conditions