• Stat-A-Dyne™ Pro/Sup

  • The Stat-A-Dyne™ Pro/Sup is the most innovative pronation/supination device on the market. Providing anatomically correct rotation due to the unique radial based forearm design. 

    The Stat-A-Dyne™ pro/sup will not “bottom out” prior to reaching full pronation or supination thanks to the gears ability to achieve infinite ROM. The adjunctive tissue elongation therapy device offers the same unique feature as the other Stat-A-Dyne™ products of either dynamic (LLPS) or SPS in a single device.

    There are three different options available for patients needing a splint. Stat-A-Dyne™ Dynamic is a dynamic only splint for patients with mild to moderate end-feel contractures. Stat-A-Dyne™ Static-Progressive is a static-progressive only splint for patients with moderate to hard end-feel contractures. Our traditional, dual function Stat-A-Dyne™, combines both static-progressive and dynamic stretch for those patients who might benefit from both types of therapy. Insurance coverage guidelines and physician's orders should always be taken into consideration when deciding which splint to order for your patient. 

    ​When requesting a splint, please let your representative know which splint your patient will need.

    • Dynamic
    • Static-Progressive
    • Dual Function

    *Insurance Medical Policies many times dictate the modality used. Lantz Medical will help you determine which type of splint is covered by your patient's insurance when verifying benefits.


    • Infinite ROM & 3/4 radial based forearm cuff assures anatomically correct rotation.
    • Static and/or dynamic tissue elongation therapy in one product.
    • Custom cuffs for maximum soft tissue capture facilitating terminal end ROM.
    • Dynamic mode (LLPS) may be used for soft to moderate end feels during long rest periods.
    • Static Progressive mode (SPS) may be used to address moderate to hard end feel.

    The Stat-A-Dyne™ Pro/Sup is used to treat joint stiffness in the wrist, forearm and elbow. The Stat-A-Dyne™ Pro/Sup is commonly used to treat the below indications.

    • Fractures
    • Dislocations
    • Burns
    • Ligament Repairs
    • PRUJ/DRUJ Stiffness
    • Interosseous Membrane Contracture
    • Radial Head Replacement
    • Distal Radius Fracture
  • How to Take Measurements for the Stat-A-Dyne ESP and Pro/Sup

  • Stat-A-Dyne Pro/Sup fitting instructions