Stat-A-Dyne™ Ankle


Core Technologies

  • Three modalities for tissue elongation (static progressive, dynamic, and dual function)
  • Bi-directional hinge allows both flexion and extension in a single device
  • Circular hinge for terminal range of motion
  • Light-weight and rigid aircraft aluminum maintains anatomical alignment


  • ROM: Dorsiflexion 0 – 40° Plantarflexion 0 – 50°
  • Inversion 30° and eversion 20°
  • Capable of providing inversion and eversion
  • Hip anti-rotation bar
  • Elevated platform for ease of donning and doffing
  • Stand-pivot-transfer capable

Indications: Fractures and dislocations, tendon & ligament repair, plantar fasciitis, ruptured Achilles tendon, manipulations, foot drop, burns, head trauma and spinal cord injuries, CVA, CP, and other orthopedic and neurological conditions